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  • Address: 1a Tar'ad St, Ramat Gan P.O.B 141, Givaatayim, 5310101, ISRAEL
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BiSkilled works with you to provide the best solution for managing your data.
We love all types of data. The more vast, complex and plentiful, the better!

Our engineers are experienced in implementing end-to-end fast and scalable data solutions.
We can design complex data structures and create analytics algorithms and advanced data integration using our proven tools. Our knowledge of databases is vast! Whether it is sql server, mysql, oracle, olap databases, or a member of the apache zoo (kafka, hadoop, logstash, spark and other animals), we will find the right solution for you!

If you want to find the best, user-friendly way to deal with your data, contact us - we would love to help!!


Data infrastructure

  • Databases: design, and maintain realtional and document databases (sql, postgress, vertica, infobright, mongoDB..)
  • Stream prossessing arhictecture using Kafka, RabbitMQ
  • Monitoring tools using graphana, graphite and diamond
  • Integration tools using unique python solutions, ssis (Microsoft), pentaho pdi, informatica, data-stage..

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BI projects

  • Massive data warehouse projects
  • Complex KPI dashboards
  • Mathematical and statistical analytics algorithms

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Data scieantist and data mining

  • Python modelling using pandas, numpy and scipy modules
  • Time series algorithms
  • Segmentation models

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  • Finance, marketing and infrastructure modules
  • Extensive experieance with massive data volume

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  • Operational Profit and loss modules
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Algo trading strategies

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  • Finance, budget, payments, income, expenses modules
  • Hospital department profit and loss
  • Operational KPIs (occupancy, emergency visitors..)
  • Tracking real time behavior exception

Hospitalick website
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